Insulync By Medilync

Insulync was created for patients and families...
by patients and families
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Insulync simplifies the physical burden of diabetes management by bringing all devices and supplies into one elegant device:

– Store and use your preferred insulin pen and test strips

– Smart glucose reader built-in

– Lancet with the ability to replace as often as recommended

– Automatically saves your data, never manually to cloud storage

Insulync will alert you if you:

– Missed a reading or injection

– Need to replace your lancet

Insulync was designed to read from your preferred insulin pens and test strips. We believe that you should have the power to use the pens and strips for which you are most comfortable and recommended to you by your provider or health plan.

It Takes a Village

With Insulync, you have the ability to add family members, neighbors, friends, and your healthcare providers to your Care Circles.

Completely configurable Medilync will automatically notify your Care Circle if you have missed a reading, your levels are abnormal, or if you are healthy and want to share!

Medilync solutions integrate with any electronic medical records system.


You will no longer have to worry about updating your healthcare providers with your readings or progress


You will see your patient’s progress and data in real-time within your EMR.

On the Road or At-Home

Insulync automatically transmit your data to cloud storage via 3G or wifi, as well as locally on the device itself.