Predicting glycemic events with AI


Diabetes and its comorbidities pose a significant burden on people with diabetes (PWD) and their families, through out-of-pocket expenses for medications, devices, supplies, and the support needed to manage their illness. Rising direct and indirect costs of diabetes will become a drain on countries economies and undermine the financial stability of our health care systems. […]

World diabetes day

World diabetes day - Blue Circle Voices

Today is World diabetes day. For that matter, it‘s November and in that month we try to educate others about diabetes. For me, diabetes has marked me and my family for life and that is ok. My father has had Type I diabetes for approx 40 years now. When growing up we usually didn’t notice […]

Diabetes is a growing concern worldwide


Challenge and solution Diabetes is a growing concern globally: it is already a leading cause of death and its prevalence is rapidly increasing worldwide. The number of diabetics is forecast to rise from 422 million in 2016 to 642 million in 2040.[1] Consequently, the total diabetes-related health expenditure is also set to rise at a rate […]

A startup’s way to the market


Being a entrepreneur living and running a health tech startup in Iceland can be challenging. Don‘t get me wrong, when it comes to technology or developing a product Iceland is one of the best places. The real struggle starts when you need to internationalize your product. I am sure that there are various ways to […]

New year brings new opportunities

Seal of excellence insulync

The year 2017 was really tough on Medilync and it‘s founders. Only couple of months into the year one of our co founders and CTO decided he wanted to do something different with his life and we respect that of course and bought his shares and started to re-organize. These kind of changes are always […]